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56734757_2398995240379680_2655855171363405824_o SURVIVAL SELF-DEFENSE
50+ hours of intense video training for survival and home defense
Is there a special kind of self-defense for the survival situations, for preppers and survivalists? The answer - some may be surprised - is YES!
That is why we have developed a special VIDEO-ONLINE TRAINING in cooperation with MALAK KALI BLADE FIGHTING, especially for
- tactical close combat
- Survival self-defense
- Home defense
Self-defense in the survival context could also be called "tactical close combat". Tactical combat - in contrast to competition or sports fights - is performed in completely different circumstances than just sporting competitions. The main differences are
1. One must be able to defend oneself in real emergencies, ie. in survival situations where you may be fleeing, carrying a backpack on your back, etc.
2. good preppers and survivalists always carry SURVIVAL EQUIPMENT, such as a machete, hatchet, knife, shovel, stick, umbrella and more. We use THIS EQUIPMENT in survival self-defense to defend ourselves!
The Malak Kali video course "Survival Self-Defense" allows you to master your survival defense and home defense with axes, machetes, sticks, clubs, knives, karambits, shovels, spears, improvised weapons and more. Of course, this form of close combat also allows your efficient defense in any other situation where, for example, we carry a walking stick, a cane, an umbrella, a knife, etc.
In addition, this intense, extraordinary and extremely comprehensive video course also includes in detail the use of all sorts of objects from our environment for our self-defense  - wherever we are, whether in a pub, on the street, in the office, on the road, at home. This can be a chair, a billiard cue, sticks, or ANY object. We call these "improvised weapons".
This comprehensive video course is the perfect platform to learn how to defend yourself effectively in tactical emergencies, crises, disasters, on the street, against violence, in survival situations, and at home!
The systematic video training is based on the concept of MALAK KALI. You can find more information on
Malak Kali specializes in close combat with blades of all kinds but also includes weaponless close combat and training with weapons from 8 different categories, such as blades, blunt objects, sticks, projectiles, flexible weapons and much more.
In this video course "Survival Self-Defense" we focus on typical Survival equipment - items that we carry with us or that we can quickly make ourselves, such as
- blades, knives
- machete
- ax, hatchet
- sticks, spears
- shovel
- clubs, clubs
- and improvised weapons, objects found in direct our environment, everyday objects, etc.
- basic combat without weapons
These areas are divided into 6 areas, each area is in itself a separate, complete training course of about 7-8h duration. The total course includes over 50h video training! The individual weapons are explained in detail, the basic techniques are shown in detail, movements in the room with and without partners, as well as advanced tactics presented.
With this overall course, you will become a true EXPERT for Survival Self-Defense! Included in the course is the use of an online learning platform to which you get access for life. You can also access the videos worldwide via mobile phone in this way, and thus at any time in the world watch the video, train, or recall the contents again! You will also have the opportunity to contact our head coaches, and you can even earn a TRAINER LICENSE as a continuation of this video course!
Each of these individual courses regularly costs around 90 EURO - the regular price for the complete set would be a total of well over 500 EURO.
When BUYING the TOTAL COURSE here on this page you will receive the total set with all 6 parts for just 195.- EURO - ie. each individual course costs you only 32,50 EURO if you buy now right on this page!!
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