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CATS tactical FIGHCLUB in English


  • NOW Special offer: 12 months
  • video training in CLOSE COMBAT, PREPPING, 
  • only EURO 100 + 1 FREE
  • SHARK KARAMBIT non-lethal +
  • video training for SHARK Karambit

The founding members of CATS tactical and their partner instructors have 25, 30, 35 years and up to 45 years of individual, personal experience in tactical close combat, high-risk security work in various areas such as personal protection, anti-terrorism or prison work, as a police officer, as an elite soldier and for many years as an instructor in security and melee combat, survival and self-protection.

We want to pass on this HUGE mountain mountain of first-hand experience in personal safety, defense, armed and unarmed combat, and survival with endless very special knowledge and abilities to you as part of the CATS tactical FIGHCLUB!

Our trainers are experienced and field-tested elite fighters from various countries around the world. Let's be honest - without wanting to offend anyone: many martial arts and self-defense trainers have no real personal experience in deadly life-or-death close combat, except for a few brawls, often they do not even have basic military training ... mind you of course: this concerns not all trainers on the market, but many of them. In the vast majority of schools and clubs, the emphasis is on a sporty version of self-defense and NOT on a real tactical level. To explain: by "tactical" we mean the original form of close combat - THE ART OF THE WARRIOR (and only THAT is "martial art"). "Martial art" in this sense is the training of soldiers, and NOT training in an acrobatic, athletic, sporting sense such as MMA etc.

A training with nice techniques, where you train for countless hours over months or years, in the well-tempered clean "dojo", with acrobatics and athletics, with training  in a purely sportive style ... Training and competitions with "rules" and with forbidden techniques ... this has nothing to do with the brutal struggle for survival, and deserves the name self-defense only rather conditionally.


CATS tactical FIGHCLUB is NO SPORT, no"art" and NO SELF-DEFENSE!

Hang on...  did we say NO self-defense? Yeah right. Self-defense is a wrong concept for the brutal street fight and even more for tactical close combat. The idea of ​​"defense" is based on reaction, ie. an opponent attacks, we defend ourselves in a reactive way. But this is the absolutely wrong strategy in the fight for life and death - and unfortunately there are such situations now in Western Europe on the road DAYS, as we know from the news. Respect for the opponent? Character school? Ethical values, meditation? Yes, it has its value and place in the dojo, but NOT in close combat on the street.

And: how to train, so you react! Anyone who does not train in ruthless, brutal combat in training, with deceit, deceit, deception and ruthless hardness, should not dream that he has a real chance against appropriately acting opponents. That would be nonsensical and completely unrealistic.

The chief instructors of the CATS tactical FIGHCLUB are well-versed in the toughest armed and unarmed combat, and have each developed their skills in training and  toughest real-life operations, they have sharpened and optimized their skill set over 25, 30 years or more, and earned their spurs as underground fighters, as bodyguards, as covert operators in anti-terror combat, in prisons, as undercover police officers, and as elite soldiers in the bloody struggle for survival in the most dangerous places in the world. Each of our head coaches had different, individually different professional and life experiences, in very different areas of military, police, security.

Common to all our instructors, however, is a very close relationship to the real, hard struggle for survival in the most dangerous situations, including also as a private contractor on the hunt for dangerous criminals, terrorists, in the rescue of people from deadly danger, civil war and much more.

And what does that have to do with YOU? Well, very much, even if you are looking for the best training for streetfight and survival!


CATS tactical FIGHCLUB offers you the ultimate package of expert training in

close combat and survival.

As a welcome gift for new members for the CATS tactical FIGHCLUB

we GIVE YOU a  FREE SHARK Karambit with non-lethal, including one

detailed basic training for the most important Karambit techniques!

The regular price of the SHARK non-lethal incl. Video training is approx. 50 EURO - this

amount you save completely and

as a new member of the CATS tactical FIGHCLUB you get an outstanding

defense tool for Close Combat and security work FOR FREE, FREE, FOR NADA ....


Aber bevor wir darauf eingehen, erst noch zum Inhalt des CATS tactical FIGHCLUB...

The complete package of the CATS tactical Fightclub consists of around 60h video training plus eBooks ... the videos are available in English (alternatively in German, this is your choice). This material is distributed over 12 months membership (no automatic renewal!).

For 12 months, you will receive new video training of the most extraordinary kind every month - this prepares you step by step for all dangerous situations which you may encounter as a private person or security agent. Through the CATS Tactical Fightclub you can prepare yourself: for the most dangerous and brutal attacks by criminals, the mentally disturbed and sociopaths alike. Terrorists or street gangs, and all the various survival situations you can encounter at home, on the street, on vacation etc.

This is NOT PURE THEORETICAL TRAINING - these are PERSONAL EXPERIENCES FROM REAL ELITE FIGHTERS who lived their lives in enemy territory (if we include prison guards who spend the day outnumbered among the most dangerous criminals ...) and behind enemy lines. Our team does not talk about any techniques, but about their own EXPERIENCE and the best professional tactics of the elite elite fighters from the USA, Israel, France, Great Britain, Nepal, South Africa and others.

CATS tactical fightclub does not include ONE system; There are several, different instructors of very different areas - from armed and unarmed close combat to survival training - their knowledge is available to you now in these videos. The purpose is to GIVE YOU OPTIONS. This way, you can choose from the various tactics and select those that suit you and your goals. If you are looking for a systematic practical training later on, inspired by this "video subscription", our SEMINARS are at your disposal (contact us for CATS seminars through this website or via Facebook).

Some of these tactics are still MILITARY SECRETS in some countries (Tsevah Shel Echad contents, for example). As a member of CATS tactical FIGHCLUB, you can not only train "killer tactics", but you'll learn them from real warriors who have used those same techniques as part of their professional lives ... THIS EXCEPTIONAL TRAINING PACKAGE WILL TEACH YOU THE ABILITY TO SURVIVE UNDER THE MOST DANGEROUS CIRCUMSTANCES!

  • Learn tactics such as lock picking, safe house setup, observation and counter-surveillance, tracking, fighting weapons of all 7 categories, tactics to bring down EVERY opponent in 3 seconds.
  • Tactics for survival in the most dangerous and brutal survival situations. Based on experiences we have collected personally in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, situations that we ourselves have experienced and SURVIVED.

The fact that the world is approaching the abyss at a crazy speed should not have escaped all thinking citizens - the result will be either a totalitarian spying and surveillance society as the EU is attempting currently, in the style of the Stasi or the KGB, only worse this time because computer-controlled and world-wide used to collect taxes - or it will become a fascist brutal society among religious or political fanatics. And that EACH of these options ends in chaos, with more violence, war, civil war, that should be as clear as daylight.

We are in a time when severe upheavals are imminent. Increasing violence and crime, terrorism etc. are side effects, politicians say cold-bloodedly: you have to live with citizens ... yes politicians say clearly and publicly: we can not put a policeman next to every citizen.

The signs are on the wall - you just have to read them. Conclusion: WE MUST PROTECT OURSELF - NOBODY else will.
Yes, admittedly, to those people who live in the weird world of utopia, hoping the great peace will come (a lie that has not proved true even in the once stable Europe, as we see today), may not agree with our view - because they refuse to admit REALITY and HISTORICAL FACTS. I
f you are one of those people, then you better just leave this website and click away, pretending that you have not read it.

But if YOU are looking for a training and preparation for the DANGERS of today and those coming, if you want to be able to save yourself from any danger, because nobody ELSE comes to help, then CATS tactical FIGHCLUB IS THE RIGHT FOR YOU!

Then you are one of the people who understand that without planning, preparation and training citizens will be among the FIRST VICTIMS of this current development, and that you are one of the FAVORITE VICTIMS of the criminals and terrorists, because THEY prefer to seek UNPREPARED PEOPLE who love to ignore the risks, or who can not recognize the danger, who think they defenseless anyhow and don't even bother to change that.

Then you are one of the people who know that when the beautiful promises of security and peace made by do-gooders and politicians will burst like bubbles, when the ultra-rich and politicians set off to Mars to live in peace, that all the beautiful laws like strict gun laws DO NOT HELP AT ALL - because NEITHER TERRORISTS NOR MURDERES OBSERVE SUCH LAWS - and when (as recently in Sweden or France) marauding gangs will be marching, murdering, raping through the main cities of Europe, that then the time has come in when ALL OTHER PEOPLE (like you now)  will wish they would have undergone our CATS training in good time ...




We want to GIVE you one of these "white sharks" - including a detailed introductory training, video lessons that introduce you to the use of this outstanding defensive capability of the SHARK KARAMBIT. The total value of a set of SHARK non-lethal and video course is a minimum of 50 EURO; that's the regular selling price.

So how can you get a FREE SHARK and benefit from our years of experience directly in your everyday life?



BECOME A MEMBER OF CATS TACTICAL FIGHTCLUB  for 1 year - AND YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR SHARK KARAMBIT non-lethal as a WELCOME GIFT including training! At a price of under EURO 10 per month for the CATS tactical fightclub!

ATTENTION: this introductory action for SHARK Karambit non-lethal is valid for only a limited time - we GIVE you a SHARK Karambit non-lethal INCLUDED detailed introductory training - total value regular min. 50 EUROS!


What is comprised in your membership in the CATS tactical Fightclub?

The CATS tactical FIGHTCLUB is a very special training in the areas of safety, close combat and survival, it's a 12 month subscription to exceptional video training and many valuable eBooks.

We have put together this offer specifically for those who want to prepare against the rising violence, the wave of break-ins and future street battles (that already have begun in many cities in the West), civil war, etc. (think of Sweden, England, France and many other countries where street battles have become regular sadness). This is going on throughout Europe and the US, things formerly only known in 3. world countries... Civil war will come.  All security experts are sure of that.

The violence and crime wave has an unprecedented extend. CATS tactical FIGHTCLUB is NOT a normal self-defense training ... it is SURVIVAL COMBAT, pro-active close combat, self-protection and self-rescue, survival - allowing you to respond to conditions such as gangster attacks, criminals, terrorists, fanatical hordes and psychopaths you are armed.

EVERYONE - including you - can use these skills to optimize your personal safety in order to be sufficiently prepared!

The trainers and partners of the CATS team have been proven, experienced and experienced specialists from elite military, intelligence and police units from many countries around the world, including the USA, Israel, France, the UK, Nepal and more. as well as personal protection, personal rescue, undercover, survival and close combat, private contractors in the field of high-risk protection, anti-terrorism and civil security.

Our team teaches you tactics and knowledge that might seem extreme for the taste of tender hearts... but we're not talking nonsensical "political correctness" here. We talk only about SURVIVAL, the SURVIVAL of violence, terrorism, crime. Which one of those tactics you want to use or MUST use, it's up to you and your personal destiny ... but you definitely want to start preparing NOW.


GIVEN THE DANGERS OF TODAY, NOT KNOWING THESE TACTICS WILL MEAN THAT YOU ARE NOT TRAINING ALL NECESSARY SKILLS to defend and save yourself and to survive; NOT training these skills would cause serious GAPS in your ability to survive. You will NOT be fully prepared. And remember: LUCK is with the PREPARED.


In the REAL WORLD OUT THERE, on the streets now also of the US and Western Europe, and especially in regards to "migrants" from less civilized countries, when it comes to crime and violence there is no room for the lies of the whimsical "Political Correctness"; you have the right to remain safe, sound, physical intact but you will need to FIGHT for that right. Make no mistake about it.

The reality is that today, EVERYWHERE, and EVERY TIME, we must expect the most brutal, murderous attacks. We'll talk about that here. That's the simple truth. Everyday life also in the news in the media.

The CATS tactical FIGHTCLUB contains the training and the knowledge for SURVIVALS including close combat, even in the EXTREME SITUATIONS - in other words, IT IS REALLY ABOUT SURVIVING, THE PURE SURVIVAL.

The CATS tactical FIGHTCLUB is designed in such a way that EVERYONE can acquire this knowledge in simple, small or, if desired, large steps and acquire the skills we offer, just like a training with personal trainers.The video format allows you to watch the videos over and over again in the appropriate time frame. Use the exercises shown to train at your pace and in the time frame that is ideal for you. Many of the exercises shown do not require physical training, but rather are a kind of knowledge base for vital knowledge about survival and close combat. You can watch, indefinitely and lifelong, over and over again the sequences that you want. Fightclub members can also contact our team online and by email to ask questions about the learning material.

For the equivalent of JUST UNDER 10 EURO per month, you will receive many hours of special video lessons every month over 12 months (in total about 60 hours of videos and specialized knowledge of the year, but you can watch it all over again to refresh and re-knowledge or professional eBooks on a variety of topics that are important for your safety, your survival and your defense.



- Home and home security: how do you make your house or your home so safe that even a special police detail has trouble penetrating it? Our course will show you in detail how to achieve this level of security. Which tactic is best for home defense? For a number of reasons, defense at home is completely different than on the street, with its own advantages and disadvantages. Your home, your car, your job / office are regular places where you spend a lot of time. At the same time, it's the places you can take your biggest influence on through planning and preparation - unlike, for example, out on the street. Therefore, it is only LOGICAL AND REASONABLE that every citizen, where he has this influence, optimally and properly prepared to be prepared against all eventualities and dangers. We explain this in detail and show you the best options.

- how to START and END any fight. NOTHING is so important in close combat attacks, as the ability to SUCCESSFULLY START proactively an imminent confrontation. PREVENTIVE and pro-active, and then to FINISH the fight as quickly as possible. Our motto: do not train self-defense, but train "self-attack". Self-defense law also allows us to preemptively attack when an attack is imminent. Roughly speaking, action is faster than reaction. Therefore do NOT WAIT for the attack, but come before it! It is not a sophisticated "technique", that is important, but rather it is a proven strategy to start a fight YOURSELF, instead of waiting for the attacker to strike. CATS tactical fightclub will teach you how this is done, legally and correctly, and then how to finish such a fight in 3, 4 seconds...

- the best of Silat, Arnis, Kali, Wing Chun, Tai Chi Combat, Krav, Kapap and other systems. Specially adapted and selected techniques for TACTICAL APPLICATION combined into a "personal style" that SUITS YOU INDIVIDUALLY BEST. We teach you the skills to find THE BEST "system" for you. There is NO BEST "SYSTEM", but the art lies in finding the concept that is PERSONALLY suitable for YOU. Not everyone is a good boxer, kicker or grappler. Not everyone is agile, not everyone has endless time to train complex things every week. We show you the best tactics from the real STREET COMBAT SYSTEMS of the world, and how you can put together the best for your individual purposes. Tactics that are easy to learn, with little training time required. Tactics that are always and everywhere applicable (not only in Dojo with a lot of warm-up time ...). Tactics that are SAFE. Tactics that are truly TACTICAL - many traditional or sporting techniques DO NOT TRUELY TRAIN TACTICALLY and thus do not prepare you for EVERY POSSIBLE SITUATION, try e.g. to do the techniques of many systems in tactical clothing, equipment, with boots and 25 kg of luggage, protective vest, etc., then you understand what we mean ... WE SHOW YOU THE BEST TACTICAL ACTIONS, and this also means the best for you STREET FIGHT.

- Weapons training: how to use in a very short time with just ONE training concept a variety of completely different weapons (there are 7 different categories!) - from ax, machete, stick, knife, club, spear and more? We'll show you THE ONE training concept, which then makes the defense weapon interchangeable, without much additional training for different weapons. Our focus is on using weapons for defense. Also improvised weapons, self-construction of weapons, procurement of weapons and more. is part of this content.

- Survival training for real scenarios, focus on survival in the city under difficult circumstances, such as civil war, terrorist attack, etc.

- Escape: special driving training as used by bodyguards, "escape equipment", survival kit, "bug-out bag" and all the essential knowledge of how to prepare for a necessary escape, including important communication issues, hiding, safe house, new identity and much more An escape may be necessary due to a FIRE in the house or a terrorist attack. Brutal burglars in the house or hotel. A robbery. Consider the chaos in the civil war (think also of vacation abroad). How can you survive in a foreign city without attracting attention? Or how do you make sure, even in an acute threat situation, that you can be quickly found and rescued by helpers? In order to NEVER be helpless, unprepared, or defenseless, you can use the skills and knowledge we teach you in order to prepare and prepare yourself!

- Principle "be your own bodyguard" - which are the effective principles professional bodyguards use to create security? What are the essential concepts of personal protection? What are the REAL tasks of the professionals? How can YOU use the same measures for YOU, your home, your family, always and everywhere, to create a high level of SAFETY, protection against crime, terrorists or psychopaths? We'll show you in detail.

- Psychological training: mental training is of immense importance. The ability to control emotions, to create emotions like pressing a button, to handle stress, anxiety, panic, to keep cool and to manipulate opponents with "psy tricks", and to recognize early intentions of  attackers - all these are so incredibly important skills that EVERYONE dealing with close  combat and survival needs to have such skills. We'll teach you these abilities.

- The CATS tactical fight club teaches you tons of specialized techniques of close combat, such as the most dangerous prison fighter tactics or enforcer tactics  of gangs in the USA, South Africa, Central America, and Asia.

- this and much more is part of this extraordinary training program for REAL COMBAT, street fighting and SURVIVAL!


REGULAR MEMBERSHIP IN THE CATS tactical FIGHTCLUB regularly costs just under 120 EURO a year - converted that's only 9,95.- EURO per month.


 ORDER NOW: for a limited time and only HERE we offer you the

membership for 12 months (no automatic renewal) for only EURO 100  instead

regular EURO 120

This is only about EURO 8.33 per month!


  • This includes YOUR FREE SHARK KARAMBIT non-lethal incl. video training worth around 50 EURO. So you save about 70 EURO in total, compared to the regular price for membership and SHARK non-lethal!
  • Do not miss out on this special and unique opportunity, and NOW, through this total package, you will become one of the most savvy melee and survival experts - with special skills and abilities that are not available to the public.

Give yourself a SUBSTANTIAL EDGE OVER ATTACKERS,  for your safety - both privately and as a security guard!


So do not hesitate and CLICK NOW to order here in the shop and secure

this special opportunity today, before the offer ends.

For only EURO 100  you get 12 months of the above

described membership of CATS tactical fight club + 1 SHARK Karambit non-lethal

+ Video training for SHARK Karambit



Yes, absolutely. The ingenious thing about the CATS tactical FIGHCLUB is that on the one hand it is ideal as additional training for security personnel or martial artists to close the gaps - and that it can also be used for absolute beginners in melee combat and survival. EVERYONE - ladies and gentlemen - can learn with the CATS tactical FIGHCLUB the personal abilities that have already served our head coaches for the survival of most dangerous situations.

Please realize one important thing ...: there are nice goals, like  in aikido and other arts, about respecting the opponent and protecting life ... and dreaming of a world in which ALL OTHER CRAZIES, KILLERS, TERRORISTS THERE ARE ACTING LIKE HUMAN BEING, but that is just a dangerous dream ... FACT BUT IS: the world is full of murderers, criminals, terrorists - in addition to many other opportunities for chaos, disaster and disaster.

Wars including nuclear wars are possible again. Hundreds of millions of people want to come to Europe - EVEN WITH MURDEROUS MEANS, AT ANY COST. And now we are on the brink of civil war. A situation that THOSE MIGRANTS ALL HAVE experienced lived through in their countries - that is a sad part of normal life in most areas where these people come from. You may pity them, but do NOT make the mistake of believing they will pity YOU! The killing and rape rate jumped up in the US and EUROPE  and that PROVES that these are NOT all nice people...

ALSO: be aware THAT THESE PEOPLE HAVE THIS ABILITY TO FIGHT DIRTY AND TO SURVIVE ALREADY. And you? How well are you prepared? Can you oppose the criminal and violent among these people, who in general  are used to use VIOLENCE to reach their goals?

If you - like ourselves - want to prepare yourself for all these potential, probable future dangers and catastrophes, the everyday violence, the crime wav,  and achieve this in a short time, and learn the best tactics from close combat and Survival, then the CATS tactical Fightclub is for you exactly the right concept. The CATS tactical fight club turns you into a superior fighter for personal survival, safety, survival, even in extreme situations.

You learn these skills at a pace that you would not have thought possible.

You will NOT turn yourself into a soulless, callous killing machine ... on the contrary, you will be able to control your feelings much better than ever before. But you are PREPARED by the CATS tactical fight club for any psychopathic or sociopathic madman who wants to rob you of your belongings or your life, who wants to rape or abduct you, who wants to kill you or dominate you.

WITH CATS tactical fightclub, YOU will belong to the prepared people

  • If you are put in dangerous situations by others
  • when society collapses
  • when the politicians abandon us in droves and go into exile
  • when public safety turns into chaos and civil war
  • if you have to survive on your own in the city or in the wilderness
  • or when brutal gangsters attack you in a dark street


You will u.a. possess the ability

  • to ward off any opponent and bring him down on his knees
  • to use everyday objects and weapons of all kinds to defend your life
  • to survive in city or wilderness, navigate, bring you to safety
  • to build traps in minutes to eliminate enemies
  • to find water and food
  • to save yourself from dangers of all kinds
  • and lots of "cool tricks" that will help you better protect and defend yourself in everyday life, and your home and family as well
  • CATS tactical fightclub makes you an EXPERT for close combat and survival



ORDER NOW: for a limited time and only HERE we offer you the

Membership for 1 year (no automatic renewal) for only EURO 100 instead

regular EURO 120

That's only about 8.33.- EURO per month!



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