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This not just a knife, it's a complete fighting system!

  • * ​perfect for blocking of strikes, kicks, attacks
  • * can be combined with practically all self-defense systems
  • * gives your hand an "edge of steel"
  • * ideal to defense against grappling, holds, strangling
  • * extremely helpful for security personnel
  • * legal self-defense for private citizens, men and women (there a few exceptions, such as in the UK, so do check your local laws for carrying knives!)
  • * easy to use, intuitive, and highly effective!
  • * training available (video, seminars)
  • *developed and designed by security professionals and close protection experts in the USA, France, Israel
  • * made in Europe - design registered at German patent authority
  • (check our Facebook page with videos)

In the field of "tactical knives", the "karambit" has a great reputation amongst security agents, SWAT and other elite teams for its effectiveness and versatility. The karambit is part of the backup equipment of members of security units around the world, recently also now in France and Monaco. The karambit is NOT a new "gimmick". In fact, it has a long history of being a deadly weapon, for many centuries, a karambit has been and still is a sort of "macho status symbol" in southeast Asia, namely in the Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brunei and even South China. Millions of people carry a karambit all the time, even women (in fact the karambit was in the beginning considered to be a "women's knife"). For now hundreds of years, the karambit has been the weapon of choice for guerilla fighters, underground fighter, even assassins, because it is inconspicuous, can be hidden on the body, yet has deadly effectiveness. Also, the karambit can be easily combined any fighting style such as Krav Maga, Boxing, Wing Chun, Silat, Kali, and Arnis, and many more. Dan Inosanto, the partner, friend, and trainer of Bruce Lee, is one of the greatest self-defense teachers worldwide of today, and he, too, is very fond of the karambit.


No other knife - for the purpose of self-defense - offers this much versatility and speed than the karambit. THE SHARK karambit even tops this with the special design of the SHARK. No surprise that more and more security experts now use a karambit - over 500 companies worldwide are now using THE SHARK as part of their equipment.  

The SHARK Karambit offers an even better "edge" (pun intended) for both tactical use ( operators) and the personal self-defense for private citizens. All big knife-makers now offer karambitsBut only the SHARK Karambit has this special design - registered at the patent office in Germany - and gives you an even better use in close combat and in defending yourself against attacks of all kind. The SHARK offers true defensive options and has NOT been developed as a "deadly weapon" (as our training will prove to you) but as a DEFENSIVE one.

At the same time,  the SHARK Karambit will instantly UPGRADE AND IMPROVE YOUR PERSONAL SELF-DEFENSEJust imagine this double-edged, razor-sharp, spear-shaped EDGE OF STEEL your hand will have. No matter what kind of fighting style you use - even if you have NO prior training (but we'll provide that to you!) - you will be almost INSTANTLY able to more effectively block attacks, fend off holds, strangling, punches, kicks, and weapon attacks. You can slice, cut, stab, block, hack, saw, you can even THROW the SHARK like a "throwing star" if need be.

Because of how the SHARK has been designed, NO-ONE will be able to easily take the SHARK off of you, out of your hand, as long as you use it correctly. This is important in regards to disarms and weapon retention, or when your hand becomes sweaty or slippery. Also, at the same time, it gives you more CONTROL over the SHARK and makes blocking and striking so much easier and safer and more effective. 

We developed the SHARK KARAMBIT in such a way that it can be legally used in all situations - even against unarmed attackers. The SHARK is a DEFENSIVE weapon. Our whole concept shows and proves (also in a legal sense!) that we intend to use it for DEFENSIVE PURPOSES, and the AGGRESSOR, the criminal attacker, chooses if and how much they will get hurt. Provided you follow our concept, you will be in a position to legally defend yourself with this exceptional tool!



 BUT THERE'S MORE... MUCH MORE: the typical karambit "finger ring" will allow you to safely PUNCH AND BLOCK with this edge of steel. Depending on the kind of threat you - as a defender - are facing, you can block strikes with either the finger ring, with the tip of the blade, with the cutting edge of the blade, or with the "SHARK FIN" at the bottom of the SHARK (hence the name SHARK).  

The SHARK Karambit becomes a part of your hand, an extension of your hand, and you will be able to use it intuitively. Thus, ANYONE can use the SHARK after a short training which helps you to understand all the advantages of the karambit; the included video training will give you the necessary overview, but there are an in-depth video course and seminar available and SHARK training camps (if you are interested, please ask us) - the SHARK Karambit is the perfect device for tactical use by security agents, and for private citizens and their personal defense.



All the above-said shows that the SKARK karambit is - in our eyes - the best tool for close combat and self-defense.  The SHARK Karambit is very inconspicuous, lightweight, and can be carried all day long, overt, or covert (check your local laws in that respect!). This solid chunk of tempered carbon steel 1075 carbon steel which holds the edge very well yet can be sharpened easily to a razor-sharp edge. The Kydex sheath allows you to carry it around your neck or place it at many positions on your body. We'll address this in the training videos. 

exclusive SHARK video training  included with each SHARK


ORDER NOW: for a limited time only we offer the  ORIGINAL SHARK Karambit at a reduced price - instead of EURO 99,90 EURO now for  only EURO 69,90 EURO + shipping

special offer valid for a short time only!

Shipped only to customers minimum 18+ years of age


We welcome inquiries by retailers, dealers, affiliate, also inquire about our in-depth training video course and our seminars - email us here in this online shop or contact us on Facebook




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