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fairpresentBB_promo2NEW PRODUCT FOR YOUR SELF-DEFENSE  - EFFICIENT PROTECTION AGAINST ALL ATTACKS, even with knives or machetes etc.:



the reliable shield bag to ward off attacks with knives and other cutting, stabbing or slashing weapons and also unarmed attacks and even malicious animals ...





In earlier times - in the deep Middle Ages and before - attacks with knives and other blades or sticks were commonplace. Every man knew how to use them. A "buckler" was called a small fist shield, which swordsmen used to ward off knives and swords - a proven and sophisticated defense system used over many hundreds of years, all over the world basically. Over the centuries, safety in Europe has improved and until a few years ago, such special protective measures as Buckler were out of date ... actually forgotten.

TODAY, however, civilian citizens, such as security forces, are increasingly being subjected to attacks by marauding groups and gangs who prefer to use stabbing and slashing weapons to attack, attack, etc. thousands of attacks every month in Europe prove that citizens are no longer safe without protective measures. We have been catapulted back into the dark ages...

Even self-defense experts know: the defense of knives, machetes and various stabbing and slashing weapons is difficult and risky. Of course, one still has to ward off such attacks if one does not want to be seriously injured or killed. A DILEMMA - which we have solved with BUCKLER BAG!

BUCKLER BAG is a specially designed shoulder / shoulder bag - a design which is registered with the German Patent Office, as well as the product name and our logo. It looks inconcspicuous - and it will surprise an attacker when you use your shoulder bag as an effective SHIELD against all attacks! BUCKLER BAG is EXCLUSIVELY only available from us and our licensed partners and trainers. By the use of stab- and cut-resistant materials, BUCKLER BAG allows the safe defense against attacks, e.g. with knives.

The entire concept - including a complete training system - has been developed in the USA, Israel and France by experts and instructors of personal safety and close protection. BUCKLER BAG is being used by numerous personal protection teams today for protection missions, security people worldwide appreciate BUCKLER BAG as one of the most important pieces of equipment!  


BUCKLER BAG develops the optimum effectiveness in combination with the use of defense objects - such as stick, knife, protective spray. We also offer the complete system for easy self-training as video courses. Furthermore, a growing group of suitable people worldwide are currently purchasing the TRAINER LICENSE to teach the BUCKLER BAG system to citizens and security personnel.

BUCKLER BAG is now available as PREORDER - at a reduced price of only 149.- EURO (excl. shipping) and comes with a FREE VIDEOTRAINING COURSE! This special offer is limited in time - delivery of the BUCKLER BAG will start as of February 15, 2020; after this preorder phase, the regular price will be EURO 169! DON'T MISS this opportunity now to save EURO 20.

BUCKLER BAG is currently EXCLUSIVELY available only from us - the design is registered at the Patent Office Germany and thus protected. BUCKLER BAG is approx. 25 x 30 cm (9x11 inches), lightweight, made of an unobtrusive medium brown color, a tough textile and uses a stab/slash resistant insert of KEVLAR and stab protection that can stop any knife, even machetes, axes, hammer and of course kicks, punches etc. Designed by professional close protection instructors in the USA, Israel and France, tested for many months both in training and actual protection assignments. Produced by COBRA SYSTEMS LLC. 



ATTENTION ONLY FOR SHORT TIME: SAVE 20 EURO on the price of your personal BUCKLER BAG for the exclusive special price of only 149.- (plus shipping) INCLUDING  the complete video training concept - PRE-ORDERS AS NOW AS POSSIBLE. THIS BAG SAVES YOUR LIFE AND YOUR HEALTH.


The most important piece of equipment for ALL WHO WANT SAFETY: at home, on the road, on the road, on vacation, at work, while jogging ... for ladies, gentlemen, teenagers, even children... EVERYONE can learn to use BUCKLER BAG for personal protection! The use is simple and totally intuitive.

It's A SHIELD, and YOU TOO can use it instantly to protect yourself against all kings of attacks, such as









and much more

ORDER NOW to get your personal BUCKLER BAG including the free video training system

for a special price of only 149.- EURO




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