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Our survival & defense concept CATS - civilian anti terror survival - and the close combat system CATS tactical defense concept  offers you a way to efficient self-defense and effective survival. Developed by close combat and close protection experts, this concept includes EVERYTHING in terms of tactics and knowledge you'll ever need to save yourself from all sorts of danger - at home, on the street, on vacation, both as a citizen or security operator.

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The aim and goal behind CATS is to help you achieve to live IN PEACE AND SECURITY, to be SAFE. Now, contrary to what certain believe make themselves believe: your personal peace and safety does not come from being defenseless and helpless! Agressors PRAY on the weak and the helpless. Weak and apparently helpless people are on the TOP POSITION of the victim list. Thus, you need to learn how to be aware of dangers, how to avoid dangers, how to minimize risks, and if need be how to EFFECTIVELY DEFEND YOURSELF. That - in a nutshell - is the true concept of professional close protection. CATS will teach you ALL these aspects and hence our motto "be your own bodyguard" - in a literal sense. We teach you the principles and tactics of professionel close protection for your use in your life!

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YOU, TOO, CAN BECOME YOUR VERY OWN BODYGUARD. We offer you the right training and products to help you master this concept. If you have any queries at all, contact us any time.




BUCKLER BAG , this shoulder bag can SAVE YOUR LIFE - stab/slash resistant shield against all attacks, including knives, machetes and other - FIND OUT MORE NOW - Dealer/Retailer inquiries welcome 



SHARK karambit - it's a knife, a survival tool, a throwing star, give your hand an EDGE OF STEEL: SHARK karambit - FIND OUT MORE NOW

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NEW: CATS Tactical Fightclub - 12 months of ultimative video training of close combat, survival, safety, security and much more - FIND OUT MORE NOW


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